A Personal Approach

peachtree-logoPeachtree is the second largest brand in the structured settlement purchasing industry. Peachtree has created a well-recognized brand through an emphasis on superior customer service. The diverse product offering of this brand includes structured settlement payment purchasing, annuity payment purchasing, pre-settlement funding, and lottery receivables funding.

Structured Settlement Payment Purchasing
Peachtree offers personalized options for individuals who want to sell part or all of their structured settlement payments. A structured settlement is an agreement, used by insurance companies, to resolve an injury or malpractice dispute. This settlement is awarded to a claimant through a series of payments spread out over time.

Annuity Payment Purchasing
Peachtree purchases the future payments of guaranteed or life contingent annuity payments from individuals. An annuity is an investment that provides a stream of payments to individuals at a later date. It is primarily used as an investment product during retirement.

Lottery Receivables Funding
Peachtree purchases future payments from individuals with lottery receivables such as contest, sweepstakes, and casino jackpot winnings.

Pre-settlement Funding
Peachtree provides funding for plaintiffs involved in personal injury, wrongful death, and product liability lawsuits.

Peachtree has received several industry awards for its pre-settlement business:

  • New York Law Journal – Best “Litigation Funding Provider” (2010 – 2014)
  • New York Law Journal – Best “Law Firm Funding Provider” (2014)
  • Legal Intelligencer (PA), Gold “Case Funding Provider” – 2012
  • Daily Business Review, #1 “Law Firm Funding Provider” 2012
  • The Recorder, Best “Legal Services Provider” – 2012
  • Texas Lawyer, #1 Best “Law Firm Funding Provider” – 2012

For more information about Peachtree Financial Solutions, visit www.peachtreefinancial.com.